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General Manager Message

When it comes to ceramics based wall and floor coverings, Master is a unique example of producing extra ordinary products in terms of quality, range, features and customer friendliness. In a very short span of time, the company has attained the status of global leadership where other players around the world are closely studying their business model and are eager to follow in their footsteps.

The company’s corporate structure coupled with the management’s clarity of vision inspired me to travel all the way from Italy along with a team of most celebrated professionals in ceramics to join Master Tiles.

Working with the group has been a great source of learning as well as contribution to the cause of improving products for a better life on the planet. The management’s constant watch on the changing customer preferences in changing times has helped me conclude that future belongs not only to the inner strength of the product but more to the physical appearance. That is what we are focusing on with a tremendous degree of success.

I see a bright future not only for Master Tiles but for Pakistan to shine as a star on the global ceramic industry horizon.

Elio Russo