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Equipped with most sophisticated plant and machinery based on future technologies from the world’s top six Italian companies, Master Granite production facility is so Digital, unique and innovative, it allows highest levels of manufacturing achievable today in the ceramic industry.

Master is using state of the art Digital Production Technology with European Supplies and Raw Materials.

Ranging from gigantic continuous feeding mills to use of robotics for material handling, the facility is based on futuristic state of the art systems. This facilitates production of a product so sound technically and aesthetically; it is being experienced for the first time by the world.

It all beings with damp grinding of clays and other raw materials, the process are carried out in the first of its kind Continuous Ball Mills. Raw material is fed into these mills at one end to get slip from the other. The slip is separately treated in accordance with the end product requirement. The process continues either to produce Le Porcelain range or Granite.