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  • 20 Years warranty for tile body (strength).


  • Complaints for visible defects are only acceptable before tiles are led. (Color/ shade variation in one box in superb & standard grade).
  • Crazing/cracks after fixing if tile fixed as per standard (assessed by Company representative).
  • In case of manufacturing fault (Concaveness, Alignment, Warpage, wedging, watermarks, pin holes, bubbles, Lamination crack, dull-texture, misprinting, specs, tone variation due to wrong code bar printing, corner breakage,) etc.


  • Breakage of tiles during improper transportation & loading un-loading.
  • Improper lighting at working place.
  • Mechanical Vibration and hammering near newly install tiled area.
  • Continue civil works without cover newly installed tiles.
  • If installation of Tiles by un-skilled tiles fixer.
  • If installation of Tiles not followed by Company instructions.
  • If defects are not visible within viewing standards distance of led tiles (1.5 meter).
  • Tiles surface finish has no warranty. (Depends customer’s care & maintenance).

Zonal incharge CCC should entertain project complaints on priority basis with special attention. If any type of demonstration / product awareness required, arrangement should be made as soon as possible with company skilled persons.

  • In case of Claim Company will be bound to replace only manufacturing defective tiles rather than other charges (Labor and supporting Material) etc.
  • In case grade down of tile material at dealer outlet /company ware house , needs prior approval by C.E.O. CCC/dispatch department will bound to stamp off (grade down) such material before sale/ dispatch.
  • All complaint will be evaluated and settled according to master customer services policy.

NOTE:  This warranty valid only if you fallow the instruction given on the every box of tiles.